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My appearances on Wheel of Wisdom by germanname My appearances on Wheel of Wisdom by germanname
Wheel of Wisdom is a game show that has been around since 1985. It is not a television game show like Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right are, but claims to have done more shows than any other game show, whether televised or on-tour. Here's their site.


I am lucky enough to have been on the show twice when I was a student at Mark Twain Elementary School in Chicago. The first time was November 9, 1998, just a couple months into my third-grade year. I was in Team 2 in the white polo shirt. Being the guy that I was at the time, one who pretty much knew next to nothing about anything, I was able to answer one question correctly. The subject was Games for five points. Not long after the host began reading the clue, "Zany action on a crazy contraption," I rang in with Mouse Trap, a board game that my now deceased grandmother had. My partner, however, did the rest of the work, allowing both of us to win with 60 points, more points than the other two teams together.


The second time was March 15, 2004, just three months before I graduated from eighth grade. As you can probably tell, some of the subjects have changed, including the Chicago Bulls category, although a label of Benny the Bull still existed on that space as a reminder.

As for me, I was among the line of spinners. I was the second to last in line, but I knew two things. One, the last spinner would have the privilege of selecting a color, and if that spin landed on the color that he/she chose, he/she was allowed to be the third team member of the team of his/her choice. Two, I knew most kids (unlike me) would do anything to avoid being last in line. So I asked the kid behind me if he would like to go in front of me. He said yes. Inside, I was excited that he took the bait, and sure enough, I had the privilege of choosing a color.

Being the big Sonic The Hedgehog fan that I was by that point, I chose blue. I am pictured as I spun the Wheel (the rules of the game state it must be spun counterclockwise), and it landed on Movies, a blue category. Since Team 3 was leading by a longshot and that the two young ladies in the team were among my fellow classmates that year, I chose their team. The question was actually the theme music of the Disney movie, and we were told to identify which movie it came from. As the theme played, I rang in, but I either blanked out or gave a wrong answer. I cannot remember if either of the two other teams buzzed in correctly, but the theme was If I Didn't Have You from Monsters Inc., much to my embarrassment as I've seen and loved that movie.

Despite having answered only one question correctly throughout my two appearances, it was still a fantastic experience.
AirSharkSquad Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Neo128 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Where's the ceramic dalmatian? There's no credibility if there's no ceramic dalmatian. :|
germanname Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, they didn't give away prizes as expensive as a $154 ceramic dalmatian. They pretty much gave away prizes that totaled maybe $1.54 in value, like a notebook or an eraser, you know, educational supplies, at least for school students. Still, it's a lot of fun.
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